Friday, June 24, 2011

Maxthon 3

Maxthon is a China-based freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows.
It seeks to provide many rich features and a highly customizable user interface, without losing compatibility with Internet Explorer.

- Tabbed document interface
- Saves open tabs in case of program shutdown or system crash
- Undo for any tabs accidentally closed
- AD Hunter - an ad-blocking utility that blocks pop-ups, Web banner and floating ads in webpages
- Adobe Flash, Java applet and ActiveX blocker
- Skinnable
- Customizable tabs and interface
- Programmable mouse gestures and mouse chording
- External utility bar - toolbar that allows you to open third-party programs
- RSS reader
- Supports many Internet Explorer plugins as well as plugins of its own
- Partial Gecko engine support with the use of a third-party program
- A search toolbar with 8 different search engines (user extensible)
- Automatic updating service
- Groups - the ability to bookmark & open multiple pages simultaneously
- URL aliases - open URLs by just typing a word in the address bar
- Simple collector - a small notepad-like utility, used to collect any text from web pages. You can write scripts in it and run them in the current web page
- Integrated web services - user extensible, but by default includes translators, Google's cached version of pages, Whois and anonymous web proxies
- Enhanced security - Even if a security hole has not yet been corrected in the underlying web rendering engine, Maxthon browser prevent most of the well-known exploits to run.

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