Thursday, November 11, 2010

STOIK Smart Resizer v2.0.0

STOIK Imaging updates STOIK Smart Resizer, an advanced photo enlargement tool, with new and improved resampling algorithms. The updated STOIK Smart Resize algorithm features two new scene-oriented options for processing natural and artificial scenes. In addition, the newest release adds full Windows 7 compatibility, and integrates with STOIK s latest version of a photo processing suite, STOIK Imagic 5. The two additional scene-oriented resizing modes apply newly designated algorithms to provide quality enlargements of landscape and natural images ( Natural Scene ), cityscapes or man-made objects ( Artificial Scene ).

The Natural Scene resizing method applies advanced fractal-based algorithms that give natural look to landscape images with lots of irregular detail and natural shapes. In contrast, the Artificial Scene mode detects straight lines, gradients, curves and shapes, making it a perfect choice for resizing pictures of signs, architecture, cars, marinas, human faces, and artificial objects.

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