Wednesday, November 10, 2010


minREC is a software for fast and easy inhouse inspection. So minREC is the ideal solution for Data Collection and Documentation. Videos, Damagepictures and catalogs were created with a minimum of user input! minREC combines monitor, digital video recording with pause function, still picture and video saving in catalog form, marking function in the video, text generator, video management, print functions, viewer for minREC databack up and restore function.

Depending on the OS language and the keyboard code, the video text insertion will be in the same language as the OS language. Although you have choosen the English installation version, you still can use this program with your french, spanish, swedish … OS system.

In order to record videos, you need a grabber (video analog / digital converter). This converter has to produce uncompressed video (raw video).
A lot of Notebooks have a onboard camera. minREC might work with this camera too. If not, the drivers are not competitable, so install new drivers or deactivate the onboard camera.

Video avi-files, recorded by other systems, can be handeled with minREC too.

The program can be used by keyboard as well as with mouse. The management of the videos is handled by a 2-step hierarchy. Videos are recorded according the chossen Codec (we strongly recommend mpeg4 avi format), pictures are stored in jpeg format. Filter functions and searching functions allow a easy finding.

Scaling the live video, data fade-in, encoding and storing the video file, all this happens in real time and therefore this software program is very computer resource demanding.

If you have any problems with your computer performance, first check the antivir software, power management, screen saver and other permanent programs.

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